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Flexible Work Options

YMSPeople offers three types of work arrangements:

  • Direct Placement (open-ended)
  • Contract Employment (fixed duration)
  • Contract-to-hire (trial period as contractor)

Looking for a Full-Time Career Position? (Open-Ended Employment)

At YMSPeople, we know that compatibility is the key to a successful placement. That is why we carefully evaluate your career goals, skills, interests, and work preferences before we introduce you to potential employers.

The experienced recruiters at YMSPeople leverage years of recruiting experience and personal rapport with hiring managers throughout the US to match you with the perfect position or project. Our proven matching process aligns perfectly with your own goals. Our success is tied to your success. We are partners on the same winning team.

Our interest in your success does not stop when you land that perfect job. We make it our business to continue working with you and your new employer to ease the transition to your new work environment and position. And we continue to remain available to advise you on further career choices as you more upward and onward toward a prosperous and satisfying future.

Why should you work with YMSPeople?

  • We expertly evaluate your career goals, skills, interests, and work preferences.
  • We match you with opportunities that present the highest potential for success.
  • We provide ongoing career counseling to assure a prosperous and satisfying future.

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Prefer Variety and Flexibility? Try Temping. (Contract Assignments)

If you enjoy working in a variety of jobs and also enjoy a flexible work schedule, then temping may be for you. Working on contract assignments lets you practice your skills across multiple work environments and offers the opportunity to learn new skills while you maintain the flexibility of working when and where you want. You can try out different industries and career possibilities, even travel to different cities, states or countries to work on projects in those locales.

Here is how it works. YMSPeople or an affiliated payroll processing service will employ you while you are working on contract assignments. YMSPeople then acts as your talent agent, placing you on a variety of contract assignments with client companies.

Typically, you will work at the client’s worksite to cover short-term needs, support peak workloads or participate in special projects. Individuals with advanced skills may work for several weeks to many months on larger projects.

As an YMSPeople temporary employee, you will have the opportunity to experience many different companies in a variety of industries. Urban or rural, high-tech or low, white collar or blue, fast-paced or laid-back – you get to choose the kind of work you want to pursue. Double down on skills development or go with the flow – again, it’s your choice.

The unique skills assessment and job matching tools of YMSPeople let us identify contract opportunities that match your skills and interests. Knowing you personally gives us the opportunity to promote you and your skills to hiring managers in the companies we work with every day. You will get to work on contract assignments that resonate with your preferred work style, contributing to enhanced success and job satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Temping lets you:

  • Try out different options while preparing for a rewarding career.
  • Gain experience, broaden you skill set and make valuable connections.
  • Earn money while pursuing personal interests.
  • Enjoy challenging assignments and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Try a Job on for Size (Contract-to-Hire)

YMSPeople’s contract-to-hire career option gives you just the right amount of flexibility when you are not quite sure that you want a full-time job but, nevertheless, would like to try out the lifestyle of a career professional. Maybe you don’t have the credentials to be hired outright, but you have the ability and determination to do the job. You can increase your chances of working in a particular company by offering to prove yourself in a contract-to-hire position.

YMSPeople will assess your skills and career goals and then match them with companies where you would likely enjoy working. Next, our recruiters will present your profile to hiring managers who might be interested in trying you out on a trial basis.

A contract-to-hire staffing arrangement administered by YMSPeople gives you the opportunity to observe the company culture while working as a temporary worker. Typically the trial period is ninety days. During the trial period you have the opportunity to ramp up your skills while you gain a better understanding of the job requirements. The trial period also gives your supervisors the opportunity to observe you work habits, skills and capabilities. If, during the trial period, the company is satisfied with your performance, it can choose to promote you to regular employment status.

The Bottom Line

Contract-to-hire lets you:

  • Date a company before you agree to marry it.
  • Prove that you are worthy of full-time employment.
  • Earn money while gaining new skills and experience.
  • Move on without prejudice if the position doesn’t work out.
  • Repeat the process as often as necessary until you land a full-time position.

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