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Foreign Nationals

YMSPeople is committed to helping skilled foreign workers and immigrants connect with US employers. YMSPeople offers a full range of recruitment and immigration solutions to help you successfully live and work in the US..

Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire relocation process, including job placement, work visa application and learning about your new workplace and home. We offer a full package of relocation services to make your transition as easy, efficient and pleasant as it can possibly be.

With YMSPeople you don’t have to worry about the details and logistics involved in relocating for a new job.

YMSPeople will take care of:

  • Interviewing and Screening
  • Job Matching
  • Visa Processing
  • Interview Counseling
  • Orientation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Emergency Support & General Assistance
  • Relocation Assistance with to help you with housing, local culture, schools, medical insurance, etc.

Relocation Assistance

We understand how challenging moving to a new country can be. That is why we offer more than just job placement and visa assistance. YMSPeople relocation assistance helps you locate suitable housing for your family and a desirable school for your children. We assist with banking, transportation, medical insurance, knowledge of local customs and everything you need to feel at home in your new country. Our goal is to make your transition as easy, efficient and pleasant as it can possibly be.

Our relocation assistance includes:

  • Ongoing visa support to ensure you remain compliant with visa conditions.
  • Ongoing career support to ensure you are comfortably settling into your new job.
  • Information packet on the city and region you are moving to, including information on housing, schools, financial services, transportation and community services in your area.
  • Information packet on government services (e.g. Social Security, police services, drivers license, local, state and federal taxes, etc.).
  • Ongoing telephone and email support in case you have problems or questions about anything at all.
Working in the US

Working in the US

Want to live and work in the US? YMSPeople works with you to locate satisfying and rewarding work opportunities throughout the US that are ideally suited for your skills, lifestyle and career goals. You will be pleased to learn that our in-house immigration service also provides assistance with work visas and relocation.

US Visas

US Visas

Our immigration experts can advise and assist you to obtain the right visa for your background and career objectives. Whether you need an employer sponsored work visa or a Green Card, we have efficient, affordable solutions for all potential workers seeking employment in US.

Diversity of Opportunity

Diversity of Opportunity

Where in the US would you like to live and work? Do you prefer big bustling cities or quiet rural communities, tall mountains or expansive beaches? From sea to shining sea, the US offers a vast diversity of landscapes and lifestyles. Contact YMSPeople to find out more about immigration opportunities for skilled professionals.

Immigration Expertise

Our in-house immigration department is your single point of contact for visa and immigration issues. Over the years, we have assisted candidates and clients in every conceivable immigration matter. We understand the many challenges confronting immigrants and their families and we strive to make your transition to living and working in the US as easy, efficient and pleasant as possible.

Visa and Green Card Processing

YMSPeople has extensive experience processing all types of US visas and dependent family member visas. We are also experts at arranging travel visas for employees who travel internationally on business. We also process permanent resident visas (Green Cards) for qualified foreign nationals who wish to become US citizens.

Our In-house Advantage

Because we process visa applications in-house, using our automated tracking system, you can expect to receive your visa faster and with fewer hassles. This means you can get to work sooner earning money to support yourself and your family.

Because our immigration specialists, including experienced immigration attorneys, are in-house, they are available to answer your questions quickly and efficiently, and provide immediate guidance on any immigration matter


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Thank you so much. You and your staff have been truly outstanding to work with! I cannot imagine anyone trying to do this on their own without the help of a professional to guide them through the bureaucratic maze of the H2B process. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your entire staff.

James Marks, CEO
James Food Corporation


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