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There is no better way to predict a candidate’s long-term success in your organization that to observe that person in action, interacting with co-workers, communicating with customers and participating in the process of day-to-day work.

A contract-to-hire staffing arrangement administered by YMSPeople gives you the opportunity to observe the candidate as a temporary worker while you gain a better understanding of the individual’s work habits, skills and capabilities. If at any time during the first ninety days you are satisfied with the candidate’s performance, you can promote the individual to regular employment status. If the candidate fails to meet expectations, you can easily replace the worker with another temp-to-hire candidate.

Strategic Advantages of Contract-to-Hire

  • You have the opportunity to evaluate the individual’s performance before you invest in their full-time employment.
  • You eliminate bad hires – Only proven performers transition to regular employment status.
  • Transitioned employees are already integrated into the workplace and already know the job.
  • Proven performers are more likely to be high achievers and satisfied team players.
  • Contract-to-hire avoids potential legal issues associated with terminating poorly performing new hires.

Cost Benefits

  • The position is filled and productive during the hiring process.
  • Headcount is reduced during the evaluation period. Labor cost is replaced by non-labor procurement cost.
  • Productivity is higher during and after the hiring process.
  • Experience based hiring reduces recruiting costs.
  • Time to hire is reduced.
  • You have more control over the hiring process.
  • Unnecessary turnover is reduced.

Additional Benefits of YMSPeople Contract-to-Hire Process

Flexible Hiring Process

The YMSPeople contract-to-hire process is one of many staffing options, including flexible work arrangements, flexible candidate selection processes and flexible payment methods.

Fast Access to Talented Professionals

The YMSPeople contract to hire process replaces the typically lengthy hiring process with a highly responsive staffing option that allows companies to meet urgent, mission critical workload demands as the hiring process progresses, thereby avoiding costly slowdown or outright postponement of vital projects.

Amortizing the Cost of Hire

The YMSPeople contract-to-hire process gives companies the opportunity to spread out the placement fee over time as a component of the contract-to-hire candidate’s billing rate.

YMSPeople is dedicated to your success. Contact YMSPeople today to discuss how contract-to-hire can save you time and money as you staff your departments and projects with qualified candidates who are ready to work for you.


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