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International Recruitment Overview

Source Staff Worldwide with YMSPeople

YMSPeople's competitive advantage lies in our comprehensive one-source international hiring strategy that blends the supply of domestic and foreign personnel for your local hiring needs. By leveraging our robust recruitment resources and vast global footprint, YMSPeople delivers staffing services that meet your precise requirements and high expectations.

We encourage you to take advantage of our extensive candidate database and expansive network of personal connections when you need talented professionals from around the world. We deliver hardworking, language-proficient candidates with hard-to-find skill sets, quickly, efficiently and economically to local offices in North America.

Our tightly integrated team of global recruiters, immigration professionals and relocation experts is uniquely equipped to help you navigate through the complexities of international recruitment, visa processing, relocation and compensation. Our in-house immigration specialists and automated tracking systems facilitate seamless processing of US and international visas.

Here is how our one-source international hiring strategy saves time and money for our clients:

  • We attract and deliver only the most qualified foreign personnel.
  • We employ a tightly integrated team of global recruiting, immigration and relocation experts.
  • You make one call; we handle everything.
  • Our fees are highly competitive across the board.
  • Our expertise in recruiting, visa processing and relocation is unmatched.

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