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Contract Staffing

YMSPeople will staff your mission-critical projects with contract professionals who get the job done, on time and under budget, boosting productivity while driving cost savings to your bottom line.

When you staff your projects with contract professionals from YMSPeople, you control costs. You get the specialized skills you need, when you need them, for exactly how long you need them, with minimal waste of time and resources.

Experience the Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

The pace of business is growing faster. Economic trends are erratic. The competitive landscape is unpredictable. To adapt, a company must be agile, responding quickly to market forces, efficiently exploiting brief windows of opportunity. To succeed, a company must employ a flexible workforce.

Staffing that Meets Your Needs

YMSPeople delivers the flexible workforce you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. The experienced recruiters at YMSPeople are experts at analyzing job requirements and quickly matching them to the perfect contract professional for your project. We deliver professionals who already know your business, who are ready to add business value from day one.

Significant Cost Reduction

By engaging a flexible workforce through YMSPeople, you can quickly and easily respond to business fluctuations while protecting the integrity of your core workforce. Engaging a flexible workforce reduces the cost of hire, the cost of training and the administrative costs associated with employee benefits, retirement plan contributions and payroll taxes.

Full-Service Partnership

YMSPeople partners with your team to deliver comprehensive engagement solutions that address all phases of the engagement lifecycle. We are your single point of contact for initial needs assessment, targeted recruiting, skills assessment, onboarding, performance monitoring, contingent worker payroll, benefits administration, co-employment risk mitigation, vendor management and vendor-on-premises services.

Additional Benefits of Working with YMSPeople

Quickly Access Top Talent

YMSPeople gives you immediate access to an exceptional pool of highly qualified contract professionals who possess the skills, experience and tools to solve your business challenges. Our recruiting specialists are experts at quickly assessing your needs and delivering the perfect match, efficiently and without delay.

Risk Management

Partnering with YMSPeople to provide third-party management of your contingent workforce significantly reduces the risk factors associated with managing contingent workers directly.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

YMSPeople continuously monitors the performance of our contract professionals to ensure that we are providing the level of service and quality of talent you expect.

Right Match Guarantee

YMSPeople guarantees that our contract professionals perform as expected. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of a contractor that YMSPeople provided, we will immediately replace the worker with a highly skilled alternate.

Request a Replay

We maintain long-standing relationships with our contract professionals. So, if you liked a particular contractor of ours on a previous project, you can put in a request for the same individual on subsequent projects.

Contractor Benefits

Contract professionals provided by YMSPeople are eligible for employee benefits. Employee benefits vary according to position, work location, duration of employment and other factors. The availability of employee benefits for temporary workers is a major factor in reducing co-employment risks and other liabilities.

Post Offer Screening

All contract professionals provided by YMSPeople are regular W-2 employees. They are thoroughly screened prior to being placed on your project, so you can feel assured that anyone we place on your project is qualified, trustworthy and dependable.

YMSPeople is dedicated to your success. Contact YMSPeople today to discuss how our flexible workforce solutions can save you time and money as you staff your projects with qualified contract professionals who are ready to work for you.


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Thank you so much. You and your staff have been truly outstanding to work with! I cannot imagine anyone trying to do this on their own without the help of a professional to guide them through the bureaucratic maze of the H2B process. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your entire staff.

James Marks, CEO
James Food Corporation


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