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Global Recruitment Services

YMSPeople helps companies that are unable to recruit US citizens or permanent residents fill their open positions with workers from abroad. YMSPeople can also recruit qualified foreign workers who are currently working in the US on contract assignments with another employer or who hold an open work permit that can be transferred to another US employer.

International Recruitment

YMSPeople has experience recruiting skilled candidates from many countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. We have a proven record of successful hiring by our clients and successfully securing permanent and temporary visas for the best international talent to support programs and projects in the U.S.

We recognize the importance of a single point of contact for effective communication at every stage of the engagement lifecycle. YMSPeople offers a tightly integrated team of global recruiters, immigration professionals and relocation experts who are available for immediate feedback and support. We are uniquely equipped to help you navigate through the entire recruitment process, including the intricate legal issues involved in international recruiting, visa processing, relocation and compensation.

We will ensure that the short list of candidates we present for your consideration is the best possible. However, we do not stop there. We will co-ordinate telephone, video conference or in person interviews with the candidates you choose. When you have selected the candidate you want, we will assist in negotiating the offer and start date. We also coordinate the entire visa application process, travel arrangements and the details of relocation and onboarding.

Benefits of YMSPeople Global Recruitment Services:

  • You incur no expenses until services are actually rendered.
  • You eliminate immigration headaches and up-front expenses.
  • You enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact with our integrated team of recruitment and immigration professionals.

Across the Border Hiring

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provides a valuable source of Canadian and Mexican nonimmigrant professionals for employment in the United States. YMSPeople is a leader in the NAFTA arena and is well positioned to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Canada?

English-speaking Canada shares a long common border with the United States and is culturally and demographically similar to the US. For this reason, Canada is an excellent resource for recruiting skilled professionals, particularly in the health care industry. Canada offers many practical advantages for companies considering the international recruitment of highly qualified candidates. The primary advantage of recruiting in Canada is how fast and easy it is to obtain employment authorization under NAFTA. Processing a NAFTA visa is faster and more economical than obtaining a work visa from most other countries.

Why Mexico?

Hispanics represent the fastest growing demographic segment in the US. Recruiting in Mexico offers the opportunity to attract candidates who can relate effectively to Hispanic customers and co-workers. The proximity of Mexico to the US, combined with its presence in the NAFTA community, means that recruiting costs are significantly lower and processing times for work visas are greatly reduced.

International Interns

International interns provide the multilingual skills and international perspective that companies need to succeed in an increasingly diverse economy. When you add international interns to your workforce you are tapping into the strengths and connections of tomorrow’s global business leaders.

YMSPeople streamlines the entire engagement process, from visa processing to relocation and acculturation, making it possible for you to employ foreign students as interns or trainees and then promoting them to permanent employment in your company when they graduate.

Global Talent Bank

At the core of our international recruitment service is our extensive global talent bank of pre-screened international jobseekers. Our international talent management system makes it possible for us to target candidates who possess the skills and experience that match your specific hiring requirements.

If you would like to find out more about how YMSPeople can assist with your international recruiting effort, please contact us by phone at (646) 666-7460.


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